The Benefits US Multi-Family Assets

The US Multi-Family sector has consistently proven to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns and diversification benefits to investors. Sureste Partners is a leading Sponsor and Co-Sponsor in the space, providing investors access to Multi-Family assets via its portfolio of properties in high growth regions of the US.

Sureste Partners  Portfolio Benefits

High IRR Potential

Sureste identifies and vets investment properties and sponsors that outperform industry averages


Real Estate Backed

Investments are directly secured by underlying US Multi-Family assets in high growth markets.

Direct Ownership Control

Sureste and our investment partners have clear ownership and control of Portfolio assets.

Experience & Active Management

Sureste Partners are one of the most active participants in the South Eastern US Multi-Family market. We have acquired 11 properties valued over $150M in the last year and have multiple opportunities and capacity to continue aggressive acquisitions in our target markets. Sureste Partners focuses on properties that have potential for superior returns in the Workforce housing segment. We identify “Value Add” opportunities in  supply constrained markets, where there are many aged and neglected properties operating well below their market potential

A key element of our success is that we actively manage all our property and construction activities through our operating subsidiary Sureste Property ServicesOnce Sureste Partners has acquired a property, Sureste Property Services immediately assumes management control and begins construction and capital projects. We seek to rapidly improve the net operating income of acquisitions through intelligent capital improvements and implementation of strong property management procedures.

Focus On “Value Add” Opportunities In High Growth Markets

Atlanta, Georgia

100 Units

Class C to Class B Reposition

48% Rent Increase Avg. Rents

Atlanta Metro, Georgia

240 Units

Upgrade Interiors & Amenities

30% Increase in Avg. Rents

Decatur, Georgia

136 Units

Renovate & Fix Operations

24% Increase in Avg. Rents
35% Increase in occupancy

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